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Books to learn how to take care of the environment


We share with you options for the whole family!

Building green habits help to combat the effects of climate change, however, it’s likely to feel overwhelming not knowing where to start. So we’ve compiled a list of great books that teach us how to reduce our waste and therefore, take care of the planet.



The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming by David Wallace-Wells

To really understand the effects that climate change is already having on our world, this Best Seller is an excellent place to start.





Residuo Cero. Comienza a restar desde casa (Zero Waste. Start subtracting from home) by Yve Ramírez

Yve Ramirez is better known as the ecocosmopolitan for her blog and her social networks, where she offers advice for those who live in the city but want to lead a sustainable life. In this book she offers simple tips for us to consume more responsibly and critically, thus reducing our waste generation.




Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

Carson, the mother of modern environmental science literature, authored this groundbreaking anti-pesticide book in 1962, but its conservationist message feels as relevant today as it did then (if not even more so).





The Little Book of Going Green by Harriet Dyer

Full of data, its author, Harriet Dyer, shows the main environmental impacts such as pollution or deforestation, and what we can do to combat it and improve our environment.






Cuentos para niños y niñas que quieren salvar el mundo (Stories for children who want to save the world) by Carola Benedetto and Luciana Ciliento

It is a book designed for children, but it can be read with the whole family. The authors of this book, Carola Benedetto and Luciana Ciliento, tell sixteen stories of exemplary people who fight for the environment, such as Leonardo di Caprio, Emma Watson, Greta Thunberg or Pierre Rabhi.




Compiled from Celebrate Earth Day With These 7 Planet-Focused Books

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